Keio Academy of New York ALUMNI ASSOCIATION




Request for Contribution

The scale of alumni association is expanding every year as the number of graduates from Keio Academy is increasing. We are conducting events and services to support communications between alumni members.

Volunteer staff members are operating alumni association. However, alumni association needs contributions by members to operate its activities.

In the future, when financial capability of alumni association increases, we will attempt to use it for Keio Academy in forms of contribution or scholarship.

If you can support us, please help us by contribution, in unit of 2,000 Japanese yen, to the following bank account.

Resona Bank (0010) Shinagawa Branch (306) Savings Account 0165572
Keio Academy of New York Alumni Association

Notes: Please enter graduation grade and name as sender.
The account has changed since May 2020. Please bear the transaction fee as well.